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Geometrische Formen

Space & Form



Design Furniture 


Graphic Design


 The interior with it's objects in which you live, is like your second body 



I follow the design process with the constant question of,

how I can meet the individual needs of your second body with 

 depth,  authenticity  quality  ?

Image by Charles Deluvio

 An idea is like a fruit, it needs time to ripen. 

If you pick it too early, it will taste sour.

If you pick it too late, it will be rotten.


 I want to give my ideas the amount of time 

 they need to develop to their full potential





 Let the space speak for you! 


What is your story?

What are your values?

Who are you in the core?

What is the powerful message

you want to send out?


How can I translate your 

  • story

  • your values

  • your core

  • your message

into a

3-dimensional, dynamic space as a physical expirience?


Image by Noah Buscher

 are working for

 awareness and meaning.

 are seekers for clever design solutions. 

 are looking for a clear and   individual design language.

 are touched by the vision

 of a greater future. 

 want to meet and who 

want to be met by space. 

 Those who . . . 

 Private Space 

 Public/Semi   Public Space 


Health & wellness facilities  

 Yoga Studios 

Meditation Studios 















The Spa Room

A former storage room went through the process of metamorphosis, from the caterpillar to the butterfly. From the storage room to the massage room based on the Balinese island culture. In this room you can pamper yourself with a Balinese massage and get an impression of the atmosphere of Bali and its spa culture.

After clearing out, the woodchip wallpaper was removed and the walls were papered and painted. In addition to a massage table, there is space here for an old farm chest, a palm tree, a small Asian table and chair, and a wall shelf.


The curtain over the whole long side of the room lets the daylight shine softly through the fabric and conveys the sensuality in the room through the fall of the fabric. A poster on the front of the room is reminiscent of the tropical jungle in Bali.


Balengku - Sasak Village Stay

Balengku means "my home" in Sasak in the language of the islanders of Lombok. Lombok, also called the little sister of Bali, is an island in Indonesia.

With Balengku we have created a place where travelers and backpackers could get to know the authentic Indonesian village life without having to do without their own private and comfortable living space.

The experiences of our guests gave us confirmation of an extremely successful project.

Unfortunately Balengku was completely destroyed by the earthquake on 05.08.10. Today there is nothing left but photos and memories of it.

Villa Rangsot Lombok/Indonesien

Planning an earthquake-proof house, consisting almost exclusively of wood and bamboo.

Based on the traditional design, I have included the natural ventilation mechanisms as much as possible.


Built-in furniture Office space Vitaminoffice Architects

During my employment at Vitaminoffice Architects in Erfurt, the following installations were made due to the cooperation and management of the design process.


A counter and multifunctional furniture. The multifunctional furniture offers storage space, encased an elevator shaft, is a pinboard for plans and offers the possibility of exhibiting magazines and books

Slatted chair

The roof slatted chair, a study in the field of furniture construction. A chair made of slats should be developed with as little material as possible. It was also a criterion to be able to sit on it for at least one minute.

I chose the trapezoid as the stabilizing element. This geometry, which can be found throughout the chair, enables stability with little material and a harmonious overall picture. The resulting “chair”, which is so simple, radiates a clear and strong identity.

Completely free, I built my own furniture. From my first touch with my own furniture design, I created a cylindrical piece of seating with a 70 cm diameter seat and a glowing base underneath



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