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 How do we find access to the "more" that we are? 


How is it possible to meet our human, deeply rooted need for expansion and at the same time to find access to strength, power with accompanying lightness?

I see my mission as enabling people to be more free and to find more confidence in the genius of our human existence.

My yoga teaching is based on 3 principles


Science and spirituality were not originally separated. Science and spirituality are converging more and more.


The connection between spirituality and science is a very exciting field for me. I'am trying to take into account the knowledge about yoga from the past and the present equally in order to tap the full potential of yoga.

The body is the vehicle for awakening


My understanding of yoga invites you to move from a deeper state of being, a kind of meditation in action. It invites you to express your inner beauty and to develop the courage to embody your absolute self.

Every day I experience that Yoga is a great way to recognize my own complexity that gives space to my inner experience. I don't see mechanical movements in the Asanas (yoga postures), but a technology that emerges the forms out of us.

Everything starts inside


The exclusive identification with a higher mind takes away the wealth of life and lets us stay in the constant mode of survival. Rather, it is the intelligent body-mind system that represents our true wealth.

I want to enable my students to connect with their own limitless abundance and to broaden their understanding of themselves. My yoga students should be able to experience their depth through breath, movement and flow and the interaction of these three components.





 that enrich me the most

 I find it extremely exciting when

 science deals with spirituality. 



Dr. Joe Dispenza

Tara Judelle

Dr. Scott Lyons

Eckart Tolle

Rod Stryker


Britta Kimpel



doTERRA oils are CTBG

(crtified pure therapeutic grade) certified

My yoga class is expanded and supplemented to it's holistic healing approach through the use of highly qulitive essential oils.



 I believe in the healing power of nature

The use of essential oils in my yoga class not only supports the hourly topic and the healing power sought, but above all enriches the sensual experience.

 Nature provides us with everything we need. 



I would like to reestablish the knowledge about the healing power of plants by integrating them into my yoga class and integrating them into my massage through the use of essential oils.


Yoga im Hofgarten 2020
Jun 03, 6:00 PM
Von Mai - September mit Fiona, immer Mittwochs von 18:00 -19:00 Uhr im Hofgarten Coburg(kleiner Rosengarten). ‼️ Ab 10. Juni wieder offene Teilnahme ohne Anmeldung ‼️ ⚠️ Nach aktuellen Bestimmungen ist das Max. der Teilnehmer auf 20 Personen beschränkt. ⚠️ Sei am besten rechtzeitig da!
FLOW YOGA an der Waldquelle mit Frühstück
Jul 05, 9:00 AM
Kühler Born
9:00 | Yoga 10:30 | Frühstück
Y O G A im Schlossgarten Bedheim
Jul 11, 5:00 PM
Gartencafé Schloss Bedheim
Ursprünglich geplant als Kurs. Nach Rückmeldungen - erst einmal als einmaliges Event.